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"Alex Mebane's 'So, You Decided to Play Soccer' is both entertaining and educational. Plus, it provides the best explanation of offside since 'Bend it Like Beckham'."

Jen Singer, Creator of

"Kept simple, concise and complete. Emphasizes the youth aspect of play without getting into the technical trappings of the upper level game. Well done."

Charlie Keaney, SAY Soccer National Director of Officials

"All I can say is 'WOW'...the best DVD I've ever seen."

Roberto Marchis, former president, Southern California Soccer Referee Association
Founding Regional Commissoner, AYSO Region 20

"I love the's great! I didn't know it was going to be so funny...really informative too"

Ann, parent, Cary, North Carolina

"It's brilliant!"

John, coach, Mar Vista, California

"Wow...informative, funny and concise. I must recommend this to families in soccer."

Jordan, parent, Los Angeles, California

"I now actually understand the game. Nice job."

Mitchell, parent, Malibu, California

"It's great. I learned a lot! Never could figure out that darned offside thing but now I know."

Cy, grandparent, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"We have three kids playing soccer and I learned things I never knew! PS...Really liked the squealing pig."

Janet, parent, San Diego, California

"The video is awesome!"

Steve, parent, Santa Monica, California